Competence and knowledge fetches you a crown
Ability to communicate effectively earns you respect
Nervousness is of short duration with you
Impressions are your speciality or are they?
Numbness is freely provided by the needle
Empathy is seen by your many friends
Skill is shown in your quiet manner

Implanting a smile on your patients faces
No cavities can survive your amalgam treatment
Compassion for others is your chosen commitment
Inlaying trust and confidence in many people
Silently sedating the most difficult of them
Orally telling them, ‘This will not hurt’
Restoring a grin to many facial expressions
Stress is unheard of in your office

Polishing teeth is a very boring task
Restoring them demands a precise dental dexterity
Enabling them to masticate their food correctly

Much repartee from you can be enjoyed
Oddly enough, even your idiosyncrasy Scottish humour
Laughter is known as the best medicine
Amiability is another one of your assets
Rooting firmly your integrity in your work
Sensitivity the attribute which hasn’t been extracted

Whitening teeth isn’t your cup of tea
Impacting future dentist to a noble cause
Sealing new friendships from the hesitant newcomers
Defending many victims from the insurance beasts
One thing is sure, you’re greatly appreciated
Many thanks for your dedication, Dr Molar