And the world goes on

What’s this agitation about?
Our world still revolves on itself…

What’s this agitation about?
Earth’s axis has tilted[1]
Creating severe weather changes
Provoking a shift in volcanic activity
Increasing the yearly amount of earthquakes
Human intellect calls it Global warming
Earth is reeling like a drunkard I
saiah of old predicted[2]
Are we taking heed?

What’s this fuss about?
The Universe is still out there…

What’s this fuss about?
Everything is as normal
Its business as usual
But our newspapers testify strongly otherwise
Credit crunches and stock markets crashing
Violence is the everyday norm now
Children are crying out for love
We have become numb
Indifferent to all pain

What’s this ado about?
Our galaxy is still in existence…

What’s this ado about?
Burying ourselves in pleasures
Ignoring the timely signs
Stressing our lives to the limit
Trying to shut out the truth
Filling our days with good works
Refusing to listen to conscience’s voice
Blind leading the blind Itching ears hearing fables

What’s this bustle about?
The Milky Way is still stable…

What’s this bustle about?
Oh, my precious creation
Will you not consider?
The Lord is full of mercy
Please pay attention to His cries
See His outstretched hand of reconciliation
His second coming is very near
Be ready be vigilant

Be careful be watchful
At this Yuletide season

May we ponder Your ways, Lord… At this Yuletide season


[2]Isaiah 24:20