The fields are white, white to harvest
Harvesting the lost souls, souls earnestly searching
Eternity is forever calling, calling for mortals

Focussing on important issues, issues of salvation
Interceding for our neighbours, neighbours needing Jesus
Evermore seeking for ways, ways to evangelise
Listening to breaking hearts, hearts crying out
Dedicating our own lifetime, lifetime for family
Standing up for colleagues, colleagues needing You

Are you truly ready, ready to give?
Really prepared to endure, endure all hardships?
Ever understanding the importance, importance to share?

Willing to continually bear, bear the burden
Heaven is waiting to populate, populate with humanity
Ingathering the many individuals, individuals for paradise
Time is of the essence, essence of urgency
Embracing the divine call, call to share

The object is reaping, reaping for eternity
Overlooking all earthly distractions, distractions to vanity

Hell always trying swallow, swallow all people
Acquiring a true sensibility, sensibility to care
Recommitting ourselves to glean, glean the helpless
Victory is very near, near inciting action
Existing for this cause, cause to rejoice
Sheaves for the Lord, Lord of creation
The fields are white, white to harvest