This imposing structure compels you to enter
Inviting you to ponder the Ten Commandments
Surrounded by these impressive ten golden columns
Symbolizing the ten Divine fingers pointing Heavenwards
Providing a tryst for the wearied soul

Finding a security sheltering us from this world’s insanity
And a wonderful peace amidst the folly of humanity
Comprehending the wisdom and simplicity of the Christian’s pilgrimage
And the sweet communion with our Lord and Saviour
Feeling the purity of His love towards His children
And the beauty, splendour and glory of His creation
Experiencing the tender loving embrace of His total acceptance
And the grace and favour of His everlasting mercy
Discerning the total freedom of absolute obedience to Him
We can only stand in awe of His Holiness

This noble sculpture compels you to stay
Ever inviting you to contemplate the Commandments
Surrounded by His ten gentle fingers beckoning you
Into the palm of His nail pierced Hands
Encompassing you with the aura of His presence