My Lord loves me so very much
He gives me joy

Amazing joy in
Aspiring ambitions

Bubbling joy in
Bitter brokenness

Contented joy among
Challenging circumstances

Delightful joy despite
Divine disappointments

Everlasting joy when
Experiencing eternity

Fantastic joy in
Frustrated failures

Giant joy in
Great grief

Holy joy in
Hopeless heartache

Immense joy at
Ill-timed inventions

Jubilant joy in
Jaded jobs

Kind joy in
Knotty knots

Lively joy in
Learning love

Momentous joy for
Managing misconceptions

Natural joy for
Nadir nightmares

Ordinary joy for
Obscure opinions

Peaceful joy in
Perplexing periods

Quantum joy in
Quick quagmire

Restful joy in
Resentful relationships

Silent joy in
Sobering states

Trusting joy in
Troubled times

Utter joy in
Ultimate upheavals

Victorious joy for
Vanishing visions

Winning joy in
Wilderness wanderings

Xylophone joy for
Xenophobic xenophobia

Yearning joy for
Younger years

Zenith joy for
Zealous Zechariah

Where does it all come from?
It comes from deep within
Deep within the soul
This new life
From Christ

The joy of the Lord, His joy
Is our only strength