Lorna’s Legacy

Her loud, catching and contagious laugh
Reflected her joy in the Lord.
Her peaceful, perpetual and communicable smile
Was a tremendous encouragement to everyone.
Her simple nod told us all
Of her comprehension and loving compassion.

Standing on the shoulders of giants
She was a pillar of faithfulness.
Putting the call of her God
Before her desires, comforts, and life.
Battling silently through the deepest valleys
She’s counted amongst the Lord’s champions.

Her last words to me were:
“We serve a truly wonderful God”
Cherishing all you have taught me
I want to, by God’s Grace,
Carry that passionate and burning vision
For this city’s numerous lost souls.

Lorna, I will miss you greatly,
But having seen the Lord’s desire
To have you, His precious daughter,
Dwelling eternally by His loving side,
I can only rejoice with you
Looking forward to that reunion day.

Mike, “Precious in the Lord’s sight
Is the death of His Saints”
And Lorna was a great pearl.
The Lord will ever comfort you.
May the Lord’s presence surround you
Forever keeping you in His love.