Prayer is a pearl of great price
In this windswept pilgrimage which is ours.
Oh, to discover the secrets of prayer!
That will bring us nearer to God
To listen for His still small voice
And close enough to hear His whisper.
His whisper of wisdom for our lives.

Prayer is remaining still in His presence
To seek to see His gentle face,
And touching the strings of His heart
For a desperately sin-sick human race.
But alas, our greatest neglect is prayer
And therefore seeing the world Hell-bound
Hell-bound, the disastrous effects of prayerlessness.

Prayer brings great pleasure to our God.
He knows our every need and desire
And He answers us before we call.
Loving to see us place our trust
Utterly in His good and wise judgment.
His desire is to have our fellowship
Our fellowship, the reason of our creation.

Prayer, the precious communion between Creator’s heart
And the heart of His beloved creation.
He waits to hear our smallest cry
And yet we leave Him so alone
Longing for our fellowship, He pines
Waiting, longing, craving, imploring, crying, crying
Crying, crying, just to hear our voices………….

Oh, why this great neglect of prayer?