Lord, why so much suffering ?

Lord, I feel so much rejection,
Life passes me by and then oblivion.

Friends got married
And I’m still waiting.
They had children
And my time’s gone.
They received healing
And mine’s still coming.
They enjoy life
And I endure it.

Lord, I watch and patiently wait,
Heaven’s appointed time for my season’s change.

The Lord loves me
This I know.
The Lord of All,
The Only Creator,
Has time to stop
And love me.
I wish I could
Comprehend His love.

Lord, all of my earthbound life,
Time flies by with seemingly no change.

I must stop searching
For His love.
The Lord blesses abundantly
All His children;
But many of them
Do go without.
Wondering at this paradox
I ask ‘why’ ?

“Because, you, my child are willing
To share the fellowship of my sufferings.”