Losing you

The Lord is so silent
It is a deafening stillness…
In the quietness of the night
I hear His silent voice, whispering
“I’m afraid of losing you”.”

Afraid of losing me ?”
What do you mean ?
Lord I love you…
I’m not leaving you
I’m not turning from you.

I’d stumbled into quagmire
I wanted to look up but I was sinking
I was hurting so much on the inside…

“Afraid of losing me ?”
I’m afraid…
What do you mean ?
“You’re afraid of losing me ?”

There will be a change of seasons in my life
I was waiting on Him, on His timing…
What could I do without Him anyway ?

I wondered many days
“Afraid of losing me ?”
I’m not going anywhere
Thoughts raced through my mind
Lord, what do you mean ?
“You’re afraid of losing me ?”

I don’t want to miss my window of opportunity
The winds of adversity are all around me
I’m not going anywhere without Him.

Losing me… Losing me…
His words haunt me
What could He mean ?
My Lord, I love you…

Lord there are times
You are so close.
In darkness and distress
You just listen.
In times of sorrow
You just hold me.
In times of despair
You’re just there…

These Precious times of fellowship
Were Your primary goal in creating me.
When my season changes,
Are You afraid of losing
These precious moments with me ?

Oh Lord I don’t want to lose this precious balm,
Oh entreat me not to lose these times…