The True Meaning

find that a lot of people are afraid to look beyond the surface or think deeply into things as they think it may destabilize their social balance. But I have tested and I know for a fact that meditation is good for your soul and growth (in every aspect). It is important to hear yourself think. It is important that we dig beyond the busy surfaces of our daily lives and refocus on the core values of life. Once we uncover these values, we regain a renewed sense of purpose and meaning to life and our existence. The question is, how do we engage in such an intuitive personal process of introspection? What does it mean to meditate and where do we begin?

I’d say the starting point is asking yourself the classic questions “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” A lot of people shove these questions aside and contend themselves with living on a day by day basis and making the best of it. I think they lose out on a lot in doing so. We all should let our minds ask these questions and listen to our minds speak. Only when you can truly identify who you are, are you able to define the values which will guide you to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I’ll give you an example… I am a trained Accountant but I love to design, designing comes very naturally to me and I know this. I even own a self made brand called Maison d’Afie. I go for a job interview and I fail to mention that I do this on the side. I get offered the job and constantly do my best to avoid bringing this up in fear of breaching the company’s conflict of interest policy… Imagine an opportunity comes up to design a new product for the company and I really want to be a part of this because this is my passion but it gets offered to someone else. This is a short project and would have been very useful in strengthening my career prospects within finance but because I have always tried to conceal my true identity I miss out. How unfulfilled… How annoying!

Once you know who you are and you accept who you are, others will accept you for that and if they can not then you have no business working with them anyway.

Knowing who you are also means knowing what your role in the society in which you are is. The good thing about asking questions is you get answers. I believe there is an answer to every question on earth but some need more researching than others. In researching you find out things (what I call hidden treasures). There is a lot about yourself you will not know until you allow your mind ask the right questions. These questions will lead you to answers. Test these answers for their accuracy and truth. I tend to test every answer, even those I get from the bible because that is how I build my faith. And that is what has led me to conclude for myself that God truly exists and does not tell any lie whatsoever. When he says He will do, He does.

Now about meditating, I believe all of the above is meditating. Allowing your mind question is meditating, seeking the answer is meditating, testing this answer is meditating. Which is why God wants us to meditate on his word because in doing so it shapes our character into his image and we do not struggle by ourselves to prove we are Christians but we just find ourselves living Christian lives. We understand the truth because we have asked, sought the truth and tested the truth and we know it is the truth.

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