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Healing is a matter of seeing the future even when the pain of the moment is still so present and immobilizing. the problem is in the waiting. Likewise in relationships, no?Sometimes it takes a little longer than expected. we had wanted wounds to heal up faster than we anticipated, even after the shock has left the memories can sometimes linger on and on. Having the mind of Christ means at least these two things.

Its a matter of seeing ourselves made whole (forgiving our foolish selves) and also seeing others (who have hurt us) made whole. Forgive the fool within you (you will be that much wiser) and, forgive ‘the fool’ (aramaic: ‘raca’) that hurt you for that unwise comment or remark. A wise man is going to see that he was once a fool thanking God that ‘a fool’ doesn’t have to stay that a way.

The ability to see our bones restored and also the gift of forgiving another because of Christ are two sides of the same puzzle. When we ‘discern’ the body (1 Cor 11:29) we are not confused but we have the mind of Christ. Having the mind of Christ is not given to the believer in order to ‘play the stock market’ or predict the price of silver and gold. We are given the mind of Christ to discern the “Jesus in me” and the the “Jesus in you”. Only when we see the “Jesus” in the face of our brother or sister, this when we escape the error of judging the old man. God is not the God of the dead but of the living man. So if you are still hanging on to the pain of the past, let it go. That foolish person is dead.

It is a case of mistaken identity. If you are hanging on to what other people have done to you, let it go. The “Jesus” in that person is likewise, dead in baptism. Touch not the Lord’s anointed, neither judge yourself, nor another! Do His prophets no harm either yourself or your neighbor! Guess who’s coming to the table of the Lord? Yes, you are right – the Lord God himself and He must be the Host at our shabbat love feasts. When you speak of Abraham in history, the Bible records his faults and failings. People judge Abraham according to the flesh. But God is not the God of the dead but of the living.

And God is not judging you are men do. For men look at your outward behavior but God sees the heart. Man sees your atrium but only God knows your inner sanctum. As painful as it may seem in the now, the now can sometimes be deceiving. God is not the God of the dead (past events, trauma, etc) but he is the God of the living (already healed, already forgiven, already raised from the dead, etc). So take courage my dear friend and be press on beyond the pain into the gift of wholeness and restoration “and my the Lord preserve you – body, soul and spirit” this new year 2012.

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