Authorizing your Authority

There are two commonly known ways of authorizing things:

  • By signature
  • By speech

and this in effect means granting/transferring access rights from one person to another or by one person to another.

When a person understands a topic better than you do, either because they have experienced it or because they have in one way or another been exposed to it, we submit to their knowledge, believing all they tell us regarding this topic. This is because we all want to be enlightened to facilitate our lives we want to know more, want to know the truth and therefore we accept authority as a source of truth.

We therefore believe anyone who seems to be more enlightened on a matter than we are and if we have a deep quest for this matter, we tend to subject ourselves to these people’s authority without even realizing it. For instance think about your most intelligent teacher in school, the one you admired and really trusted. If this teacher told you that the solution to a problem was to stand, you stood. Almost like a doctor patient relationship, the patient seems to give the doctor authority over their lives and whatever the doctor tells the patient to do, he tends to do it believing this would be the solution to their illness. In doing so, they are demonstrating their obedience to the doctor’s authority.

God began creating with speech. He spoke, he commanded “Let there be light” Gen 1:3 and it happened. There was light! He spoke because he knew he owned light. He had no doubt, he was (and still is) the commander, the authorizer. Remember we said one of the ways of authorizing or granting access rights is through speech.

The devil began destroying with a question, he asked the woman if she was sure God had said she should not eat fruit from the tree in the garden Gen 3:1. Notice how he asked, he did not command. This is because he was in doubt, he did not know, he was not enlightened. He was not sure how well woman knew God’s word, God’s authority.

Woman answered correctly but had doubts. When she chose to believe the devil’s lies, she was actually saying ” You know what, I really do not know God’s word, you seem to know more than me, teach me, enlighten me, guide me, lead me….Take authority over me” She should have effectively been the one saying No way, I know what I am talking about, I know what God said (or what he said to my husband). I know the word of God” but she allowed him to authorize her on what to do. Authority!

She forgot what her surname was.She forgot she was a child of God. In Douala, where I come from, the names of some areas start with Bona. For instance Bonapriso, Bonaberi, Bonabassem. Bona means children of, so it is easy to identify the lineage of those originating from these areas. I for instance am a bona Diviné and if I tell anyone from my village (Kribi) that I am a bonadiviné they are immediately able to trace my linage back at least 3 generations and when I am lucky, I get favours because they knew a grand parent of mine.

Your name determines how far you will go in life, what doors will be opened to you, where in society you will be ranked. If for instance you present your ID somewhere and it says Obama, or Clinton and it turns out you have a direct blood relationship with one of these two, you are automatically treated differently. As a child of God, you are Gods (Psalm 82:6), because your ID carries his name and you are made in his image. Your ID gives you authority.

What name do you bear?

When you meet someone with a direct blood relationship with another you notice traits of the relative. Do you reflect traits of the name you carry? because if you do not you may simply be a distant relative or a family friend or you may have stolen the ID.

I pray that from now onwards we understand the weight the christian name bears in the spiritual realm and we understand that the battle is not ours but amongst the gods and our God. My God has never lost and never will, our only duty is to be attentive to the authority of God as he directs us. He is love and will never let us go astray

I have heard a lot of times how people say my mum and my dad look alike. I have even heard some people say a few times that some people look like their pets. So I researched into this and I found out that when people live together for long they begin to develop similar traits. Amazing! What is even more amazing is that the more you spend time with God the more you begin to act like him. The science of Christianity… Amazing

It is important to have a true and authoritative basis for your faith. The word (speech, authority) of God is. The bible is God’s spoken word. It was inspired by God and is useful for teaching (learning) 2Tim 3:16-17

The devil has not changed his tricks. He is still not sure about how much you know and that’s why he will send doubts into your mind. Have you noticed that most of the time when you are worried about something, you have so many questions (and no solution) on your mind? you even begin to question your beliefs and your authority. That most of the time, is Satan doing what he does best. When these happen the best way to get your peace is to remember what the bible says about the specific situation you are going through. That is how you take authority over the situation, because as a Christian (being your surname) you have the authority your name carries. But you need to know your bible for that and Satan is there testing to see how much you know…How well you know God or better still, how well you know yourself (if you are a christian that is).

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