Monday, 25 February 2013

An edict was pronounced
a death-threat against Israel
But the edict was not irreversible
It wasn't her almond eyes
or silky hair or pearly whites
that captivated her King -
it was her heart.

No one could deny Esther had been blessed
who kept close to the King's heart
No woman ranked higher
No person favoured more
But - favour obligates does it not?
And didn't the apostle say: love compels?
All goodly advantage is common property
and not to be kept to our ourselves

Purim is fast-moving, action-packed
how goodly advantage was nearly lost
to animal fear and self-preservation
Purim confronts this heresy
Though in a princely seat
if she refused to go forward
she would not have levelled up

Purim Prayer:
Move us to where
You would have us be, O Lord
Free us from bullies and their terror
Help us enjoy the freedoms we have
To put you first in everything
Reposition your Bride
as you did with Esther
and may we arise as she did on that first Purim.
O Lord, begin with me.